Monuments and sacral objects

Bunkers in Szczecinek

ul. Kościuszki 76, 78-400 Szczecinek

Built between 1933-1936. Contrary to the hopes of the Germans, they failed to stop an offensive by Soviet troops, who occupied the town and the abandoned line of fortifications shortly afterwards. Reinforced concrete “bunkers” blocked the isthmus between Lake Trzesiecko and Lake Wielimie (a total of 25 structures). The B-Werk bunker, regarded as the largest military attraction in the area, is a two-storey structure. It was armed with heavy machine guns and an anti-tank cannon in an armoured dome. The underground section was used for ammunition storage, food storage and crew quarters. It is the best-preserved bunker of the 11th type on the Pomeranian Wall. It now houses the Museum of the Pomeranian Wall and the Second World War.

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