Monuments and sacral objects

Regional Museum in Szczecinek

ul. Szkolna 1, Szczecinek

One of the oldest in the whole of West Pomerania. It was established in 1914. Particularly noteworthy are the stone statue of a Slavic idol, ceramics, jewellery and hunting tools. It features examples of firearms and melee weapons, hunting equipment, accessories and hunting design objects. The majority of these are objects made in the 19th century, with the most valuable dating from the 18th century. Goldsmiths' collections include both sacral and table silverware, among them collections: “Pomeranian silver”, “Judaica”, “Treasure from Budowo”. Regional collections, i.e. practically the entire collection of the former Heimatmuseum, were lost in 1945. With the reactivation of the Museum in 1958, or even earlier, an arduous reconstruction of the collection began, which now features sculpture, household items, souvenirs, etc. related to the city, militaria, painting collections, numismatic items, postcards, photographs, documents, architectural plans and so on.

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